My work depicts the mundane and quirky activities in life, ranging from intimate to humorous moments. By constructing these images, platforms are created for both social and mental conflict. Questions of shame and taboo are brought up through my confessional approach to these paintings. I paint subjects or moments that most people do not want to talk about or own up to, whether it’s guilty pleasures or strange habits. My approach to these images fluctuates between sarcastic and loving, reflecting how I process these moments. Through forced vantage points, the female form is depicted in a non-objectified and personalized way that enables me to truly take ownership over the images and bodies. By working through these narratives, I gain a greater understanding of self along with a reality that many women share.


 I am obsessed with oil paint and the way its viscosity and fluidity relates to the human body. The buttery thickness of paint is used to create fleshy and crude surfaces that serve as metaphors for our relationship with our bodies. These surfaces have the potential to engage the viewer further than the images depicted. My paintings are experiential, not descriptive. The often-overworked buildup and urgency of the paintings does not describe a body, but allows for an alternative experience of the flesh and the process of making.


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